One Path Insurance Review - Car, Home, Life

One Path Insurance is a company part of ANZ, and as everyone in Australia would know, they are one of the leading brands in the finance sector. Regarding the different policies they offer, I was actually very impressed by the number of selections they offered. Their number of different plans was visible through their website from things like life insurance to travel insurance.

Life Insurance Selections

Life insurance is one of the first products I saw on their website. The reasons for taking out a policy can mean that your family will get the security that they need when something bad were to happen to you. Further plans are available, depending on the level of cover as well as your age.

Another option is income protection and is just as important as life insurance. With this plan, I found out that One Path will be able to provide you with money you should be earning if you are unable to work. Three different categories exist; EasyProtect, OneCare and Salary Protection.

Another option known as Recovery Money is a unique plan that I have never seen before. According to their website, it explains that it is made to help you survive the financial issues due to health issues. Basically, you will get a lump of money given to you to help your financial needs both long and short term. Other names that this insurance goes by are TPD Insurance and Trauma Cover.

Personal Insurance Selections

The first in One Path’s selections of personal insurance is home insurance. We all have homes that we have worked hard to earn, so why not make sure they stay safe? Both building and contents insurance can be taken out. Some of the benefits that I found to be very worthwhile include full building replacement, protection against natural events, personal liability, water damage and even replacement locks.

If you are a landlord, landlord insurance is something that may be for you. With this cover, you will be able to insure your rental income and investment. In my opinion, this is great for people that want to get a peace of mind that their income from renting will be continuously flowing in.

Lastly, there is also car insurance that you can consider taking out. You are able to take out one of the three levels offered by them, with a range of options too. The main benefits for having a policy are choosing your choice of repairer, towing service and protection for your personal belongings.

The two other insurance products offered by One Path are CTP and Travel Insurance.

One Path Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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