Medibank Insurance Review - Life, Travel, Pet

Medibank is a private health insurer that I am sure plenty of Australians would be aware about. They are fully owned by Australians with a 24/7 hotline that enables customers to speak to one of their nurses. As well as that, they are also one of the innovative companies also have their own easy smartphone apps to let customers stay up to date.

There are several different health insurance for your choosing, depending on what it is that you need and the life stage you are at. The most comprehensive ones are in their family packages which offer different levels of protection depending on what your family stage is, such as new families and settled families. You are also able to choose if you want only the essential covers or covers that also include all the comprehensive features.

The lighter plan is known as Young Essentials, and as written on their website is a budget friendly health cover made especially for young people. Depending on the cover you choose, you can generally have access to hospital treatments for injuries and accidents. Price starts from only at around $11 a week which isn’t that much.

If you don’t want any packages, you may also want to take out ambulance cover or another product known as Ultra Health. The first only lets you have ambulance cover and what really impressed me is the fact that it only starts at $22.85 for half a year. So if you think about it you’re paying less than $50 a year. The Ultra Health product is a cover that combines hospital and extras together. It is a bit dear in price however the benefits you will be able to have access to is something to take seriously.

Lastly, if you are still unsure of which plan or cover to take out, there is also the option for you to mix and match. This is a good way for customers to tailor their policy so they are sure that they are only paying for the things they need. I guess this would let customers save money too.

Besides health cover, Medibank also offers the following products:

  • Travel Insurance – Coverage for travellers that need to travel either overseas or domestically. Apparently, the cost only costs from as little as 70 cents a day.
  • Pet Insurance – Insure your cats or dog starting at 36 cents a day.
  • Life Insurance – A product that will be able to let you make sure you or your family get the income needed to handle any unexpected incidents in the future.

Medibank Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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