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Calliden Insurance has been serving its clients and customers for many years through a wide range of insurance policies. For Australians, this company has done a lot through offering the most effectual type of insurance service. They also got the expertise in providing all types of general insurance. First of all this company is divided into two sections which are known as the Calliden Insurance Limited and Calliden Agency Services. Almost all sorts of general insurances are provided by Calliden.

  • Accident and Health Insurance - This insurance policy is designed to cover the cost of all types of accidental losses of the insured customers. Under this policy, this company also offers different insurance plans. The attractive and beneficial insurance plans include Business Travel Insurance, Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance (both groups & individual), Journey Accident Insurance and the voluntary Workers Accident Insurance. All of these policies are packaged to provide the loss for the accidents and other health problems.
  • Business Package - The Business Package provides the insurance policy named First Option Business Insurance. With this type of insurance plan, any Australian business that suffer losses caused by fire or any other business interruptions can be covered. The insured company can claim up to $20 million for the losses. This insurance policy also follows a system for the insured business company which is named as the Callibrate SME.
  • Domestic Insurance - This insurance plan is designed to offer insurance plans under the names of Extra and Elite Home and Contents Insurance. With this insurance plan, the insured home and its valuable contents can be protected from any type of accidental loss, theft or any kind of natural calamities. The highest amount is covered around $1.50 M.
  • Events, Entertainment and Security - With this sort of insurance plan, any kind of interruptions and delays of an event or entertainment program can be covered. Both the Entertainment Plan and the Security Plan provide up to $20,000,000.
  • Other important insurance plans - The other vital insurance plans include Farm Insurance, ISR property & liability, Licensed Builder Construction, Owner Builder Warranty and lot more.

The main advantage of Calliden Insurance is that all types of general insurances are covered by its wide ranges of insurance plans. One can insure his or her properties, home, contents, business, farm and builder liabilities through the insurance plans provided by Calliden Insurance. I just love the features and packages provided by this insurance company because of these various kinds of benefits.

Calliden Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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