Cyclecover Insurance Review

One of the leading bike insurance companies of Australia is known as Cyclecover Insurance. This insurance company has been operating its functions for over 70 years in the finance sector. According to their website, they also has experience of over 30 years. More than 100,000 Australian cyclists are offered insurance services by Cyclecover Insurance per year. This company offers a wide range of insurance packages to serve Australians in the most efficient way. Along with the policies, the clients can also have access to one of the best custom support in the country.

  • Bicycle + Home & Contents Insurance - This insurance policy is also known as the Cyclecover Gold insurance package. With this insurance plan, one can have the full protection of his or her bicycle both in Australia and New Zealand for a maximum duration of 100 days. This plan covers all the loss and damage caused by a wide ranges of reasons such as theft, crash damage, accidental damage, damage to wheels & tires, worldwide cover, full replacement cover and modifications & accessories. The insured client can claim up to $20,000,000 as a liability, which I think is beyond enough. This insurance plan is also designed to protect your home and building contents for any sorts of loss or damaged caused for a variety of reasons.
  • Retail Bicycle Shop Insurance - This insurance package is to help the retail cycle owners' shops through providing full protection and safety. The plans which fall under this insurance plan are Test Drive Cover, cover plan for the bicycle for different events like hiring, tour purpose & shop rides, burglary cover plan and stock increase.
  • Importers and Wholesalers Insurance - This insurance package is designed to offer various covers to the importers and wholesalers. These cover plans are product liability, stock increase issues cover plan, and the cover plan for the test drives.
  • Manufacturer Package - The manufacturer package is designed to secure manufacturers. The clients can enjoy various cover plans with this insurance package.
  • Other insurance packages - Other insurance policies provided by Cyclecover insurance are Hire & Tour Package, BUG Package, Event Insurance, and Travel Insurance Package.

At the end, I can say that one can get the opportunity to protect his or her bicycle and enjoy the bike ride without any tension or trouble, if he or she chooses the insurance packages offered by Cyclecover Insurance. Why would you need to worry when there is Cyclecover insurance?

Cyclecover Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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