Guild Insurance Review

Guild Insurance is one of those few companies that were created for businesses and individuals. I read on their website that each of their insurance products is trailered and each customer is treated with care. Did you know that Guild has built a reputation for their excellent service? In fact, they have also won several national awards, proving their quality of their service.

The first policy that I saw was professional indemnity insurance. I was impressed at the fact that a list of professions that can be insured was showed on their website. The list includes dentists, osteopaths, nurses and even pharmacists. Apparently, different occupations will have different features in their policy, however the things you can guarantee to get are a 24/7 claim department, legal advice and many more.

Guild’s list of business insurance also offers to a list of different professions. They were pretty much similar to those of professional indemnity insurance with a few differences. Even if you are unable to find your occupation and still wants to be insured, simply give them a call and their sales team will be able to work out something for you. I found this option great because it means almost anyone can get the protection they are seeking.

The third insurance offered at businesses is public liability insurance. This is basically protecting you from liabilities, even if it was your fault. A list of professions can be chosen, however one thing to note is that when I clicked on the link to see them, I was directed to their professional indemnity insurance page.

If you are a house owner, their home and contents insurance may be for you. Generally speaking I was pretty much content with all the things they offer. For example, their 20% sum of safety net insured was something to smile about because it can give you extra cover above your sum insured if you need to repair your house. Secondly, emergency and temporary accommodation is always a short reach away if your home gets damaged beyond liveable.

The final insurance that I found very interesting was their car insurance. It is a comprehensive cover that covers many features, including up to $1,000 worth of personal items. You also get emergency travel expense and hire car costs.

If any of the selections offered by Guild Insurance sounds like something you have been looking for, you can simply get a quote via their website. They have offices all over Australia that you can visit as well.

Guild Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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