Citibank Insurance Review - Health, Travel

Citibank Insurance is part of a worldwide financial company that you must have come across sometime during your life. I have seen their products be promoted in many countries and airports in the world, and the only reason why they would be able to continue to expand is due to the high quality of service they offer.

Currently Citibank offers around five different insurance types. They are generally related to finance and health.

Through experience most people would be interested in possession insurance. Citibank offers a range of vehicle and property insurance, but what is worth mentioning is that all their home insurance policies are deemed as comprehensive and comes in three different plans; Prestige, Classic or Vita Home. All three of them offer temporary removal of contents, vet costs and even security firm attendance. If the home is for investment purposes, other products that you would want to find out more about is their investment property insurance and even business insurance.

Three types of automobile insurance exist. The one with the most choice is the car insurance. The inspiring thing about their feature is that no matter which plan you decide to take out, you will be eligible for a new replacement vehicle if your vehicle is new and less than two years old in a total loss. Other great benefits are: towing, emergency repairs, transportation costs and personal effects.

If you have other types of vehicles, Citibank also offers boat insurance and caravan insurance.

If you are concerned about your finance and income risks, income protection insurance is something to think about. The unique thing with Citibank is that you are able to choose the level of cover based on your current income and how much you want to be protected. I read on their website that up to 75% of your monthly income can be claimed, which I think is a lot. If this policy is not something you want, I would like to state that there is also credit card repayment insurance and mortgage protect insurance.

Life insurance is a service that a lot of people tend to ignore. However reading through that Citibank offers comprehensive cover for life, terminal illness and funeral benefits, I found no reason why you would not want to take out a policy. You will be able to get a lump sum of payment if you die or become unable to work. And if this is not enough, other related insurance you can purchase are accident insurance and critical illness insurance.

The final protection offered is travel insurance, great for protecting both your health and asset while you are away. Three types of packages are available; one trip, frequent traveller and seniors traveller. You can be sure that you will be able to find a cover that meets your need.

Citibank Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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