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HIF Insurance is one of Australia's private health insurance funds. There are many reasons why taking out health insurance can benefits you and your family, which you can read about almost anywhere. But what's more important is knowing what the insurer offers.

HIF's story began way back in 1954 as a Western Australian company, but have turned big enough to offer their services to the entire nation. What really impressed me is the fact that they are a not-for-profit company. This gave me the comfort that HIF is not here to make profit and therefore actually does want to service me and be concerned about my health.

Like most health insurance, HIF offers three types of coverage. The first is their Hospital Cover. There are four different options ranging from $1.45 a day to $2.75. Basically what you will get is access to private hospitals and other benefits such as coverage for theatre fees and even the choice to choose your room.

If the Hospital Cover is not what you are looking for, there is also another plan known as Extras Cover. What I really adore about this is that it can give you a peace of mind by covering all the essential health services that you may need several times a year. It is also much cheaper than the Hospital cover, starting from only around $0.54 a day to $1.90. Examples of things you can get are optical, physio and certain therapy.

One thing that I really found interesting is that HIF also offers health insurance to visitors. This means people that are coming to Australia with a working or non-working visa will be able to have their health insured as well. The first plan is the Hospital & Medical Cover, which lets you rest assured with benefits such as ambulance, x-rays, pathology and more.

Lastly, the thing I want to mention is that they also offer travel insurance too. In my opinion being insured while in another country is just like getting health insurance as well. The first thing to know though is that their policies are offered by CGU and comes with many great things features like accidental death, trip cancellation, overseas medical coverage and more. As I can see, all the essential things are included so that you will be able to enjoy a safe time away.

If you believe that HIF is the company for you, maybe because of the great products they offer or maybe because of the fact that they are a not-for-profit company, simply visit their website for more information.

HIF Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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