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RAA Insurance was an interesting company to review. The main policies that they offer are car, home and contents insurance, however there are also several other sub categories that you can also get insurance for. In fact the total list of all the insurance policies they offer added up to quite a bit.

The first thing that I clicked on was to their car insurance page. There are three types of covers for sale, which are comprehensive, third party property damage, and third party property, damage, fire and theft. These three covers are pretty much common to most car insurers. The thing that is unique with RAA is that they offer individual plans for cars, motorcycle, caravans and trailers.

Looking through each of the three plans, I think the comprehensive cover is the most worthwhile to get. This is because it covers you from damage and loss, even if they were accidental, and it does not matter if it was caused from a collision or a natural disaster. The next important thing is that you will also be included for protection when you damage other people’s property.

Get home and contents insurance from RAA and get a peace of mind. There are typically three levels of cover, home only, contents only, or both home and contents only. Most of the time people opt to take out both home and contents insurance to ensure that their home and belongings get the best protection.

One reason why I think this could be the case is because the things you will be able to be covered for is actually very vast. There were a few that I found to be very important such as fire, lightning, flood and even damages caused by animals. If you would want more covers, there are several optional things you can take out such as Accidental Damage and Pet Cover.

RAA also offers travel insurance however it appears that this is through one of their partners because I was directed to a new website to get a quote.s At a glance, I found that the benefits you will get to enjoy are medical assistance, cancellation protection, loss passport documents, and a 15 day to get your money back.

Besides the insurance types listed above, RAA also offers the following:

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Caravan Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Boat Insurance

You are able to get a quote from their website or even give them their call. One reason why going to their website is a better idea is because it contains certain information to how much you can save on your policy, such as having Home Security.

RAA Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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