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Traveling is basically starting the approach to experience the earth. It is traveling that lets you experience joyous moments with dear ones. You can also gather knowledge about the unknown fact of the world. But at the same time, you need be careful with such trips because sudden danger can arise at any time.

Itrek Insurance is planned to offer you all sorts of traveling advantages at the cheapest price so that you can enjoy your trips without having to worry about the cost of paying for insurance. Itrek offers numerous benefits and advantages from their policies to the travelers of all types. The summary of these benefits is described in the following.

  • Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance - This insurance benefit provides 24 hour medical assistance to the insured travelers. The best thing is that you can also get hospital guarantees and funeral arrangements.
  • Overseas Emergency Medical Expenses - This insurance benefit covers all kinds of medical, surgical, nursing and hospital cost caused to the insured travelers at the time of traveling. You can also get the feature of having emergency dental assistance, if you feel severe pain during the trip.
  • Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses – This feature offers you the coverage from any kind of extra traveling expense caused to you for any injuries or damages caused to you. What’s more important is that this insurance policy also covers the loss of any traveling document or passport.
  • Family Emergency - With this benefit, your relative also gets the facility of medical assistance if he or she is injured at the time of making the trip.
  • Return Airfare - If you fail to catch the return flight for any injury or accidental reason, Itrek will be able to provide the cost of your return airfare.
  • Travel documents, Credit cards & Travelers Cheques - For any loss or theft of your credit cards , important travel documents and travelers cheques, you will be able to make a claim that can help get back your lost items.
  • Theft of Cash or Luggage - This benefit option gives the total cost for any theft luggage or cash during the period of traveling.
  • Travel Delay Expenses – In this selection, you get full coverage for any cancelation to your trip, or any sort of delay to your travel date. You also get the cost for any kind alteration in the case transportation.

Itrek Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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