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Insure My Ride Insurance is one of the few insurers that work only with bikes. There is no doubt that the first thing that caught my eyes is the fact that their comprehensive motorbike insurance starts from less than $1 a day. I looked deeper into the company and learned that they are owned by Suncorp, one of the most trusted insurers in the country. And seeing such a big company is offering such cheap premiums is something to not take lightly.

Insure My Ride offers coverage for road bikes, dirt bikes, scooters as well as several other bikes. I was generally content with what they offered and the plans that they have.

The first plan which is also the highest in terms of protection is Comprehensive. The main benefit is that you will be guaranteed to be covered in an accident. One great aspect is that it does not matter whose fault it is which mean you can get a peace of mind knowing you are certain to be able to get help. Secondly, you are also insured if your bike gets stolen. Other benefits that I really think is worth mentioning are lifetime guarantee on repairs, covers on several accessories and more. If for some reason you feel the protection is not enough, you can also choose to get coverage for your riding gears and valuables too.

If you want something simpler, there is Third Party Motorcycle Insurance that lets you only be insured against liabilities. Thought his sounds like an important essential, it should be noted that this is actually different from Greenslip Insurance, but nonetheless, this plan has its own benefits as well. For example you will be able to claim up to $20,000,000 worth of liabilities if you damage someone’s property.

Another light plan is Motorcycle Theft Insurance, designed for those people that are primarily concerned with losing their bikes. I think the most worthwhile thing to note is that you will be able to get a new bike replacement if your bike is less than a year old and if it gets stolen. If it is not stolen but damaged by theft, you will be able to have your bike repaired. The best thing about it is that even accessories and modifications of up to $2,000 can be included.

Regardless of which plan you choose, one thing to be aware of is that if you purchase your policy online, you will automatically be given a 25% discount.

Insure My Ride Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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