BankSA Insurance Review

As soon as I arrived onto the website of BankSA and checked out their insurance products, I was shown a list of featured products that I thought to be very useful for personals. They have all the essential products, as well as the not so common insurance types. At first glance, I knew BankSA will be different from other insurers.

I also want to mention that at the time of writing this review they were also offering a promotion where you can win $5,000 if you insure with them. I think this could be an additional reason to why choosing BankSA is such a great choice.

At first glance their car insurance was something to smile about. The reason is because they have three levels of coverage; Comprehensive, Third party Fire and theft, and Third party property damage. Even though these names are pretty standardised, the features in them are much more than standard. For example, I was very impressed to see that personal items can be insured of up to $500. Also, new replacement vehicle is also offered to certain vehicles.

Home and contents insurance is no doubt another popular product as many people would need them. Besides that, there is even a plan for landlords. This means everyone who owns a house will be able to be insured.

Again there are three covers to choose from for your home, such as Essential care, Quality care, and Premier care. The features that I want to highlight is the fact that artworks and jewelleries are also included, as well as a wide range of events like flood, falling trees, burglary and even explosions.

If you are deciding to head off, BankSA’s travel insurance is something that would amaze you. There is a range of covers for you, depending on where you are going. However the thing that got me really interested is the fact is that a lot of coverage is included like rescheduled travel, luggage and document, cash in hospital, evacuation cost and even accidental death/disability similar to a life insurance.

Talking about life insurance, I was so unexpected of BankSA offering so many protections. You are able to get disability insurance, living insurance, income protection insurance and even business overheads insurance. The advantages of all these features are that you or your loved ones will be able to rest assured with money if you ever die or becomes too ill to go to work.

Besides the insurance plans listed above, some of the other products that I saw were:

  • Credit card and loan repayment insurance
  • Deposit protect bond insurance
  • Home loan protection insurance

BankSA Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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