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Famous Insurance is one of the few brands that specialises in bikes, and only bikes insurance. This means they won’t get side tracked with other products and then only leaving little support to bike riders. In my opinion, this is great for people that are serious about their motorcycles, dirt bikes or scooters.

Did you know that if you are over 40, you will automatically qualify for discounts? And if you purchase your motorbike policy online, you will save another $40. If you think about it, the amount that adds up to how much you can save is actually quite a lot.

According to their homepage, for each of their policies you will be able to choose your choice of repairer, get agreed or market value, and the option to decide for yourself how you want to communicate with Famous.

The motorcycle insurance offered by Famous is comprehensive. This implies the protection offered to you will be no doubt be one of the most reliable in the market. For example, I learned that Famous will insure your motorcycle anywhere within Australia for things like natural events (storm, floor and fire), accidental damages, theft, as well as legal liabilities if you damage third party property.

Certain rewards are also offered such as no claims bonus, depending on how long you have been a rider and not making any claims. These are all reasons why I feel Famous is such a recommendable brand.

Dirt bikes can also be insured, no matter if it is enduro, quads, trikes or anything else. Again, it lets you have your dirt bike be protected anywhere within he country, from all the important things like fire, malicious damage and even collision while your bike is in transit. Not only that, accessories can also be insured, and best of all, there are no restrictions as long as the rider is of legal age.

The third type of policy Famous offers is scooter insurance. It is stated on their website that you will be able to find something that matches your budget. If this fact is not convincing enough, you are able to get up to 65% of no claim bonus. And with the extra discount of $40 if you purchase the policy online, you are guaranteed to find a policy that meets your affordability.

Some of the notable features for your scooter include replacement cover, up to $1,500 for replacing things like key and locks, as well as the option to protect your riding gears as well.

Famous Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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