Pet Insurance Review

Pet Insurance is one of the pet insurers in the market. To what I saw, their policies are underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company and promoted by BS Media. Pet Insurance offers products to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. So you can say that most furry house pets will be able to be covered.

The first plan that I came across was dog insurance. The first thing that I looked out for was the price and was very impressed that it starts at less than a dollar a day. This means that many pet owners will be able to get protection for their friends, which is always a good thing. Protection can be bought for dogs at just 8 weeks.

Regarding their cat insurance plan, I noticed that you will be able to get similar things as dog insurance. The cost for a premium is very affordable and offers coverage for cats at the age of 8 weeks and over.

When looking at the covers that policyholders will be able to receive, I realised both cats and dogs insurance fall under the same three plans known as Basic, Plus and Premium. I was particularly interested in their Premium Plan because it includes both accidental injury and illness cover.

The thing I really liked about it is that the annual benefits limit that you can claim up to is $15,000. This is much more than what other pet insurers offer, so I was pretty much taken away. Also, the percentage of vet bills that you can be covered up to is 80%. In other words, with a policy you will only need to pay 20% of the total vet bill, meaning you pets will be able to get the best help they can get.

Features that I thought were very worthwhile are cancer treatments, specialist cares, after-hours emergency visits, surgery and radiology. The thing that overwhelmed me the most is that your pet will also be covered when they are in another country, as overseas pet travel insurance is included in the plan.

If there are any disadvantages, I think the only one that I can point out is that there is a small waiting period for people making a claim for illness conditions. However there is no waiting periods for accidental injury, so that is something to be glad about.

You are able to get a free quote if you head over to Pet Insurance’s website and use the tool on their website to request a sample premium cost.

Pet Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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