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Are you searching for great protection for your car, home and contents? Dodo Insurance can be the answer. Partnering with Auto & General Services, one of Australia’s reliable insurance providers, Dodo Insurance guarantees a total protection for your properties.

Aside from the major insurances that the company offers, there are optional insurances that one can go through and consider to also have. As I can see, this provides the customer with the total protection they need for themselves, their families as well as their properties.

What Does Dodo Offer To The Customers?

Dodo Insurance Company offers several insurance covers to their customers such as, car insurance, home and content insurance etc. Here is a short overview.

  • Dodo Car Insurance: This cover provides protection and coverage to your car and the other party’s car in case of damages caused by an accident, as well as fire and theft protection. Owning a car will never be this convenient with Dodo Car Insurance because they offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs for the car you own. The benefit of acquiring emergency transport and overnight accommodation is something that only they offer. Dodo Car Insurance offers Third Party Property Car Insurance, Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance all at rates that you can afford.
  • Dodo Home & Contents Insurance: Among the various features that Dodo Home and Contents Insurance offers are Combined Home Building and Contents, Home Building Insurance and Contents Insurance. This is the most comprehensive insurance offer yet that gives you the benefit of keeping a peace of mind for your properties. What’s more is that there are features for covering domestic fixtures and permanent structural improvements if there are ever damages caused by fire or storm. Discounts can be expected whenever you have your home and contents applied into the same policy. Moreover, instances when your home is uninhabitable, you can expect to get temporary accommodation from them as well. You can be sure to be guaranteed of the coverage for your residence including its contents right away regardless of the inconvenience it suffers from.
  • Other Insurances: Aside from the basic insurances for car and properties, there are some other coverage that you can avail from Dodo Insurance including Restricted Driver Discounts, Agreed or Market Value, Variable Excess, No Claims Discount Policies and Windscreen Excess Reduction.

Get Maximum Protection with Dodo Insurance Policies

Whenever you are looking for an insurance company where protection, quality and convenience are all included in the package, you can trust that Dodo Insurance is the right stop for you. With the list of insurance products that they offer, there is no longer a need for you to look somewhere else.

Dodo Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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