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There are in fact many reasons why purchasing directly from an insurer is not the only way to get the best policy. What really amazed me is the fact that Mozo is one of the companies that allow you to compare among different insurance companies and then let you pick the policy that most suits your need under the most affordable price.

All over their website were mentioning of all the awards they have won and all the television programs they have been featured in. This gave me the representation that Mozo is one of the hot topics right now that many consumers are finding useful.

The first type of insurance available for comparison is travel insurance. The thing to remember is that not only are you comparing all the big brands that everyone knows about, but also the smaller insurers that, very often, offer cheaper policies. According to their website, I was amazed that you will be able to compare among 49 insurers and 328 policies. These numbers are huge and seeing them gave me no doubt that I will be able to find something that is right for my needs.

I realised their service on car insurance is pretty amazing as well because not only does it offer offline deals, it also offer online deals too. If you are unsure about the quality of these products, you can even read through some reviews posted by their customers. I did a sample comparison and was shown a list of policies listed by their no claim discount rate, online discount rate, and their rating obtained from reviews. To get a quote was as easy as clicking the button right next to each option.

However when it came to their life insurance quotes, things were a bit different. Unlike the others products where a list of options got displayed, life insurance needs you to enter several details. Going through them, some of the things you will need to enter are your name, contact details, occupation, age and smoker status. I was actually impressed to see that all the leading life insurers like BT, MLC and OnePath will be among the companies you can compare from.

Lastly, the fourth product I saw was income protection. As a general mention this is very similar to a life insurance policy where you will be able to make a claim if something terrible was to happen to you. After filling in a similar form, you will be able to compare among 12 companies in just one search.

Mozo Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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