Simply Travel Insurance Review

Simply Travel Insurance is another low budget insurer that may come as an interest to some people. Basically, they offer policies straight from their website meaning they don’t need the help of staff to do all the processing. This means you as the consumer won’t have to pay for the overhead costs for hiring such staff.

It is written on their website that they are underwritten by AGA Assistance, also known as Allianz. There are three different products to choose from.

The first policy is known as Comprehensive. This advantage of this plan is that it includes the highest level of protection, and is available to be purchased in single, duo and family. Looking through the table of features, I was really glad to see that it offers unlimited cancellation fees, overseas medical assistance and expenses. There is also up to $100,000 of additional expense, which in even the worst case, can be seen as more than enough. Best of all, you can be sure that the price won’t hurt your pocket, leaving you the money to do enjoy your trip.

An alternative policy for you to consider is known as Budget. How I see it, the purpose of this policy is for travellers that are only worried about medical incidents, which as you can imagine, is pretty common. According to what is offered, you will get unlimited medical and hospital expenses and assistance. As a bonus, you are also entitled to claim up to $5,000,000 of personal liabilities. Of all the policies available, I think this is one of the most recommendable one to take out if you want to save money. I mean, even if you are don’t want to be insured because it is too expensive, this is the cover you should at least take out to minimise the chances of something bad happening.

Lastly, the option for getting frequent traveller insurance is also available. This is for people that travel at least a couple of times a year but don’t want to have to pay the full price of new travel insurance every time. What I really love about this policy is that you are able to travel up to 37 days for holidays and 90 days for businesses reasons, and get all the benefits as a normal comprehensive cover. I think this is the perfect choice for people wanting to have a gap year from work or study, as well as businessman that need to go overseas for meetings several times a year.

Simply Travel Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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